3 Benefits of using Cloud-Based Services for your Company

Cloud-based services are becoming relatively normal in the world of business. Companies are using cloud-based infrastructures, platforms and software to replace traditional in-house information technology setups. The technology has advanced dramatically since it was first introduced as has the capabilities of the Internet. Not all businesses have adopted this approach yet. Here are three benefits of using cloud-based services for your company.

Fewer Network and Operational Issues

One of the main problems with using non-cloud based information technology systems is that your business could run into network and operational issues on an almost daily basis. Anything could go wrong. Another problem is that it can take a very long time to isolate and repair the problem. You might even lose network access or access to critical applications while things are being fixed. Cloud-based services greatly reduce the chance of these types of issues. The cloud network is being constantly monitored, balanced and refined. Additionally, applications can be updated, debugged or changed in real-time without requiring everyone to log off for hours or days. This will improve productivity within your business.

Reduce Capital Expenditures and Information Technology Needs

Over half of businesses now use cloud-based services. Part of this is because it makes financial sense. Cloud-based services are delivered across a network or the Internet from a central provider. All of the processing, storage and computing is largely done on the provider side of things. This means your business could actually be perfectly fine using just dumb terminals or very low-end workstations. You also do not need an extensive internal infrastructure filled with servers and network components. The result is that you can reduce capital expenditures and spending on information technology items. This will allow your business to be more streamlined and to save money. Additionally, many cloud-based services charge based on usage meaning you never pay for services that you did not use. This can make a massive difference.

Improve Business Flexibility and Agility

If your business has an internal network setup or an in-house intranet, then changing things can be very difficult. Adding anything to the network takes time and money. Expanding is a headache as systems need to be connected and installed in other locations. Cloud-based services allow you to take advantage of the 4.1 million terabytes of data being sent every 30 days across the Internet. Your business will become more flexible and agile. Those cloud-based services can be delivered anywhere. This means you can use the same services at different offices or move without worrying about reinstalling an entire information technology infrastructure. Additionally, cloud-based services can be scaled up almost indefinitely without affecting your business. This allows for fast and seamless growth without any of the problems that would plague expanding an in-house network.