3 Ways to Avoid Physician Burn Out

Some simple methods can be used to avoid the emotional problems from physician burnout by modifying some physical and emotional factors. With an emphasis on physical factors, there can be enchancements with a new diet and new exercise program. The techniques for modifying the emotional factors include trying new recipes and focusing on resolving a problem, such as a time management problem for a job. The emotional factors can be influenced by activities:

• New exercise programs
• New diet programs
• New beneficial diversions

Physical Factors

The problems from physician burnout can be compared to the difference between being inside a room where the curtains are closed and being inside a room that has a huge window with a panoramic view of a city street or a beautifully landscaped backyard. If a person cannot modify a work environment, then that person could modify his or her private lifestyle to control the emotional stress from physician burnout.

Exercise Programs

An exercise program can be simply designed with important features, such as a membership at a 24-hour gym or walks through a public park. The exercise program could be combined with an emotional feature by simply walking around a living table while also watching a movie, episodes of a comedy series or some news reports, which are important for helping a person to feel connected with world events.

Diet Programs

The diet factor can be very important for establishing more independence from a social environment, such as experiencing more Italian foods while the nearby restaurants only offer hamburgers with French fries. The diet could include fresh fruits and vegetables for salads and new flavors, such as jalapeno cheese omelets. There could be Brussels sprouts and cauliflower with spinach noodles in an Alfredo sauce. Potato chips could be replaced with pumpkin bread and zucchini bread for snacks.

Emotional Perspectives

The purpose of a diversion can be beneficial for relieving some emotional stress. A new hobby or new experience during a trip can be used to stimulate a happy emotional response or to trigger a childhood memory to evoke a happy feeling. The same emotional response can be used to block the unpleasant effects from physician burnout by forcing a person to only focus on an activity, such as watching an action film, making homemade chocolate candy or taking a one-day trip.

Emotional Factors

The influences for the emotional factors can be used to change an emotional perspective by adding more activities to a daily routine to provide an emotional cushion between long work shifts. With more diversions for relieving some emotional stress, a person could begin to experience more energy from a new emotional perspective. The new experiences should be from fun and thought-provoking activities.