3 Ways To Use a Dry Erase Board In Your Office

Dry erase boards are a lot of fun to use. They are easy to clean and reusable.Dry erase boards are easy to purchase anywhere and don’t take up a lot of room. They can easily hang against a wall and they can literally last forever. They’re also a great way to add some youthful decor to an otherwise drab room. You can even purchase dry erase board stickers. The dry erase board comes in a sticker form and you can simply stick it to the wall. If you like lots of color, you can purchase brightly colored dry erase markers when you’re writing on your dry erase board. When you’re working in your office, there are three distinct ways you can efficiently use a dry erase board.

1. Calendar

Yes, most people use Google Docs and sync their notes and calendar with all of their other gadgets and electronics. However, there’s something really cool about having a large visual of the calendar on the dry erase board. After drawing the separate boxes and creating the calendar, fill it in with all the tasks you foresee happening. If you have an assistant, you can invite them to write things on your calendar as well to help you out. This is a step you can do every single month as the numerical days change.

2. Stress Reliever

If you’ve been in a stressful meeting, a long morning, and you desperately need an efficient way to unwind, turn on some relaxing music and start doodling on the dry erase board. You can doodle and draw pictures to your heart’s content. People underestimate the power of drawing, color, and doodling. It’s all a part of art therapy. It’s a therapeutic act. You can even write down the things that are bothering you. Use 15 minutes of your lunch break to brain dump everything onto the board and let it go. Just make sure that you erase the board before one of your colleagues sees it.

3. Teaching Tool

When you’re in a training session with other employees, a dry erase board is an efficient tool to use when you’re trying to convey concepts and relay complex messages. When you have a visual element, this may help some people learn faster. Some people are visual learners and need to see things written down on the board. If you’re in the type of setting where you need to teach concepts occasionally or frequently, use a dry erase board and encourage employees to take efficient notes.