4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Retile Your Shower

If your bathroom shower tile has seen better days, and you can’t stand the way it has faded, cracked and lost grout, there are ways to remedy the situation without a lot of expense and hassle. Here are four (4) budget-friendly ideas to think about that can be easily done, yet present a professional and finished look.

1. White Tile and Trim

Most white tiles in any size, shape, texture or finish are going to be less expensive than their color counterparts. Whether using a modern yet vintage look with subway tile, or a traditional plain square tile, a shower area will look newer and pristine with white tile. Add a color touch with smaller netted tile lengths that can serve as a border along the top of the white tile. There are even updated peel and stick wallpaper borders that coordinate with tile, which is another less costly consideration for a border.

2. Repainting Tile

Repainting tile can save a considerable amount of expense, but it does involve following safety steps as well as procedures that assure that the paint adheres to the tile. Bubbling, flaking, or peeling can be avoided if the process is effectively completed. Specifically designed tub and tile paint is necessary, as is a thorough cleaning and sanding of the old tile before even thinking about applying the paint. It can be a labor intensive process, but the finished look is one that reflects the appearance of new tile at a significantly decreased cost.

3. Reglazing Tile

Reglazing, like repainting, is another less expensive way to change the look and even color of old tile. Reglazing kits are available that contain color tints that can totally change the look of a shower area. Most reglazing materials are permanent, so once the job is done, a shower area can look as good as one that has been replaced with new tile, and the finished surfaces are just as easily maintained as any other tile.

4. Metal and Tile

Corrugated metal shower walls that include an industrial wood plank tile flooring are a modern and inexpensive way to change the look of a tired shower space. Look no further than a local hardware store, home store or farm store for stock, galvanized barn metal that is available in cut sheets. Installation is not difficult, though a layer of water proofing behind the metal walls is a necessity, as is some rust-proofing. Utilizing galvanized metal can be cost saving, plus it is a nice change from a completely tiled look.

There are many less costly ways to retile your shower that don’t necessarily involve full tile replacement. A shower area can be updated in a matter of a few days with the right tools, safety equipment, tile choices, and step-by-step procedures. The four ideas given here are easily accomplished, plus they are budget-friendly and innovative. Your bathroom space doesn’t have to be tied up for weeks or months on end, and that’s a good thing.