4 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Prom Dress

You were so lucky to find the perfect prom dress, the one that fit like a glove, brought out your eyes and felt more comfortable than you could imagine. Now that prom’s over, though, you’re sad that you’ll never get a chance to wear it again. Not so fast – there are several ways to repurpose your old prom dress and get more use out of it. Here are four tips for doing just that.

1. Have it altered into a more casual dress.

Certain styles of dresses can be altered to be a bit more casual. For example, if you have an A-line dress, you can have it altered to be a bit shorter. You can use it as a cocktail dress for years to come, or even wear it as a sun dress during the summer.

2. Split it in half.

If you can’t have your dress altered, consider separating it. The top half can be turned into a strapless top or tank top. The bottom half can be turned into a beautiful skirt, either floor-length or shortened.

3. Make it more formal.

Some prom dresses with a lot of bling can be altered to look more mature and sophisticated. You can then wear it as your go-to dress for fancy occasions, like weddings. Have some material from the lining turned into sleeves if you have a sleeveless, and get rid of any heavy embellishments to make it look more chic. If there’s a deep V-neck or a high slit on the side, you can have some fabric added to make the gown more appropriate for very formal occasions.

4. Reuse the material.

Can’t find a way to repurpose your dress into another piece of clothing? Have the fabric used in other pieces, like home furnishings or accessories. You can use the fabric for a blanket, throw pillows or a tote bag, for example. You can also remove embellishments and attach them to scarves, bags or belts.

You don’t have to stash your beautiful prom dress at the back of your closet just because prom is over. You can continue to get use out of it even long after prom has come and gone. If you’re not a whiz with the sewing machine, let a pro handle it. They’ll know exactly how to redesign the dress so it remain high-quality and looks gorgeous on you.