4 Great Tips for Negotiating with a Car Salesman

Cars can be very expensive. While buying a car can seem simple, negotiating with a salesman can quickly lead you to paying more that what your budget calls for. Here are four tips that can help you to buy your car at the lowest price possible.

Shop at the End of the Month

Car dealerships have to sell a certain number of cars every month to maintain their cash bonuses. If you decide to go to a dealership on the first of the month, they don’t have to give you a good deal. However, if you wait to start shopping on the last few days of the month, the dealership can be more likely to offer you a good price in order to meet their quota. You can receive strong offers from a dealership if you approach them on the last day of the month with financing already approved.

Offer a Lower Price Than Your Target Amount

When negotiating with a salesman, your initial offer to them can only increase with time. Therefore, begin negotiating at a price that is below the price that you wish to pay. Don’t offer a price that is too low, but offer a price that leaves room for them to drop to an amount that is close to what you can afford.

Know When to Walk Away 

Sometimes, a deal can’t be struck. It is better to walk away from a dealership empty-handed than to leave it with a bad purchase. Walking away is not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign of strength. The ability to say no to a bad offer is a good thing to possess when negotiating on a car. There are many dealerships with thousands of cars available. If you can’t find your car at a price that you can afford, keep looking and don’t give up.

Respond to Questions With Questions

Salesman can manipulate you into thinking that you are getting a good deal. For example, letting them know that you have received bad offers on your used vehicle can be a sign for them to offer you more for your car. When the time comes to negotiate on the price of the new car, salesman may charge you a lot more and claim that they are already giving you a good deal on your trade-in. Don’t give unnecessary information to salesman, and always be aware that car negotiation is a business transaction. Stay one step ahead of negotiations by anticipating how car salesman can use questions to charge you more for your car.

Buying a car that you will use for many years can be exciting. Use these tips to obtain the best price for new purchase. Although buying a car can be stressful, make sure you plan ahead and know that negotiating is strategic in nature. Aim to buy your car at the lowest price, and keep firm on not overspending.