4 Simple Yoga Poses To Try This Summer

You have probably already read about some of the numerous health benefits of yoga online. As one of the oldest forms of exercise, it has a long history of being practiced around the world in different forms. Yoga is unique in the exercise world because it requires little equipment, and it is suitable for people across varying age and fitness levels. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain flexibility, or just de-stress, yoga combines both the needs of the mind and the needs of the body, according to WebMD.com. Here are four simple yoga poses to add to your daily routine this summer:

The Child’s Pose 

The Child’s Pose is named for the way it resembles how children throw themselves on the ground when they need to calm down. It has very many of the same benefits for adults as well. In this pose, the person kneels with their feet stretched outwards behind them. The front of the torso and head faces down towards the ground with arms outstretched in front. This is a great one to try out because it helps with stress, while stretching areas such as the back, the hips, thighs, and ankles. You can also use this to transition between other poses.

The Plank 

The Plank has been adopted into many standard exercise plans because of how well it works at building strength. This pose is accomplished by holding stable in the upward push-up position. For beginners, it can also be used by adapting it to using your knees instead of your feet for added stability. The benefits of this pose are that it builds total body strength, from arms to core using your own body weight. It is a great workout that can be done anywhere for only a few minutes a day.

The Bridge 

This pose is also a great workout without requiring equipment. The Bridge starts by laying on the ground with your feet near your bottom and knees up in the air. The feet should be apart about the width of your lower body, and your arms should be palms down on the floor. Move your hips and back upwards and hold the position for a minute. This position is like the plank in that it uses the whole body, especially strengthening the legs and back. It also has benefits for stretching the shoulders and hips while promoting relaxation.

The Tree Pose 

Posing like a tree sounds easy, but it has great benefits for flexibility and balance. In this pose, you start by standing, bringing your hands together with palms touching. You then lift your hands over your head while balancing on one leg. Using the opposite leg, you bend your knee to press your foot to the inner thigh of the standing leg. According to the AARP, holding this position for 30 seconds will help to improve your balance.

Even if you are new to yoga, there are a variety of poses you can try this summer that are easy to add into your day. They can all be adapted to your fitness level and take very little time to do. Choose a few to test out daily to work on your goals for the summer, such as strength, flexibility, or even stress relief.