4 Unique Family Vacations To Take This Year

Now that 2019 is in full swing, it’s easy to get caught in
the grind of everyday life.  Don’t lose
out on valuable family time by getting swept up in the rat race.  Make this year memorable by planning a fun
and unique vacation experience your loved ones will never forget.

Take the whole crew to swim with the fishes – literally.  One of the newest concepts in unique hotel accommodations
is to take to the seas.  Or, rather, under the seas.  Typical aquatic destinations offer a plethora
of activities centered around the water:
sunbathing, fishing, boating, swimming, diving, and snorkeling.  But short of sprouting fins and gills, sleeping
beneath the waves hasn’t been an option.
Until now.  While some of resorts
offer stunning views of mountains or shorelines, these submerged digs offer a
glimpse into the deep blue.  Conde
Nast Traveler has rated several viable options to eat, sleep, and even
party under the waves.  Unwind and feel
tension ebb away as you fall under the hypnotic spell of the surrounding tranquil

Or maybe camping in a pioneer-style wagon is more your
family’s speed.  Drift off to sleep under
a canopy of stars, soothed by the faraway lullaby of owls, crickets, and the
occasional wail of a lonely coyote.  Travel
+ Leisure reports that adventure has taken a page out of the old west’s
book, with a few added comforts.  Throw
in some AC and heat, refrigerators, microwaves, and a bed – all ensconced in a covered
wagon.  Chow down on campfire-cooked fare
and imagine the bygone days of the wild frontier.  Without the dysentery, of course.

For an altruistic journey with a serious feel-good vibe,
choose a vacation that gives back.
Whether you go green, save the animals, or lend humanity a hand, there
are endless possibilities.  Show some
love by taking a wildlife inventory, collecting seeds, or cleaning up
coastlines.  Kids can get in on the action
by creating homes for animals, planting trees, or handing out clothing and food
for the less fortunate.  Bond over making
a difference while teaching your family what it means to be a Good Samaritan
and environmental steward.

If your household is looking to test their mettle, consider a
true quest and attend warrior training Genghis Khan-style.  Take in the vast plains of Mongolia and
explore the culture of a bygone empire.  Don
authentic Mongolian garb and head to the fields for archery, horseback riding,
wrestling, and even weapon building.  Live
like a warrior of old as you learn lore and traditions thousands of years in
the making.

Whatever your family’s fancy, make sure that where you
travel captures the true essence of a vacation:
togetherness.  It doesn’t have to
be ideal or perfect.  What matters is
that you take these journeys together.
As the years pass, these memories will be the glue that keeps your
family laughing.  That laptop you got for
Christmas may be forgotten in a few years.
But that wrong turn you took in Florida that lead to a new
adventure?  Timeless.