4 Ways to Add Lighting to Your Home

When the home has a limited amount of windows and several dark corners, it can be a challenge to get enough lighting without breaking the bank. Creating well-lit areas is easier than you might think, it just takes a little creativity and the use of the surrounding areas.

Here are 4 ways to add lighting to your home that will not break the bank;

1. Choosing the Right Lampshade
One thing to consider when purchasing lamps is that all lampshades are not created equal. While some are made to direct the light, others allow light to pass through the shade more easily. These are not to be considered just decorative accents, the right lampshade can make all the difference in how bright the room will be. The lighter the lampshade, the more light that will be let into the room.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional lampshade when trying to brighten the room, choose ones that are made from mesh or ones that allow the bulb to be exposed.

2. Using Vertical Floor Lamps
When space is an issue, a vertical floor lamp is ideal because it will use minimal floor space but help to get the lighting higher into that dark corner. The added height of the vertical lamp projects plenty of light so you can utilize the floor space for other furnishings.

When the room has very narrow corners that are creating more dark space, the vertical lamp will be able to disperse light and illumination in little crannies and dim nooks.

3. The Power of Task Lighting
There might be areas in the room that need more light than the others, and this is where the task lighting comes into play. Maybe the lights in your kitchen are fine, but the counter-tops are dark under the cabinets. Under the counter lighting will direct just the right amount of light to that specific area and transform the room.

Another example of task lighting could be a desk lamp on a table to give your reading area more appeal.

4. The Use of Mirrors
One inexpensive way to add lighting to any room is to simply add some mirrors to the walls. Not only do the mirrors help to create the illusion the room is larger, it bounces light to darker areas of the room too.

The mirrors require no more electricity, they utilize the lighting than you already have, acting like windows to bounce around the light and brighten any space.

Adding lighting to your home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune if you creatively work with what you already have. Each room is different, so find the dark areas and experiment until you brighten the entire house with these quick fixes.