4 Ways to Encourage Teamwork Among Employees

While the members of any team should always strive to work together, they should also be aware of their individual responsibilities within the group. According to Meinert, a senior writer with the Society for Human Resource Management, these group roles should be both clearly defined and based on the unique skills of each employee in the group. This sort of structure provides clear boundaries and allows employees to fulfill roles that are best suited to their abilities. Having straightforward roles that outline the specific responsibilities of each team member can serve to improve the group’s performance and reduce the chance of conflict.

Effective Communication

For employees to work together effectively, they have to be able to get along with one another and have a clear understanding of their goals and the timeline. Because of this, communication is important at every level of an organization. Building trust and encouraging open communication are essential to establishing effective cooperation, whether it’s between employer and employee or between the employees themselves. Employees function best when the guidelines and expectations are laid out beforehand. Determining where they stand compared to the given benchmarks will embolden employees to assess their own performance and work together to accomplish their shared goals. Goals should be challenging, but reasonable, so that employees gain a sense of accomplishment from completing them.

Acknowledge Excellent Performance

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their good work not only motivates them as individuals, but it also boosts the morale of the group. A shared sense of value and accomplishment can foster close bonds between employees and subsequently improve their ability to work together. Acknowledging high quality work increases the confidence of employees and encourages them to continue working diligently. In fact, employees who feel appreciated are generally compelled to work harder and further demonstrate their competency. Simple praise for a job well done can incentivize employees to work together and reach the outlined goals.

Conflict Resolution

A communication breakdown is one of the greatest impediments to teamwork in the workplace. Because of this, major conflicts should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. In an article from the Huffington Post, a couple potential solutions are suggested such as setting basic ground rules and offering periodic evaluations for both the individual employees and their team members. These are useful means to increase productivity and manage conflict. If employees are already aware of their role in the group, the decided rules, and the option to cross-evaluate their fellow employees, then there will already be a solid system in place to prevent issues and to deal with them in the event that they occur.