4 Ways to Store your Cannabis

Storing dried cannabis is done in a manner similar to other cooked herbs. If it is stored in a good environment, dried cannabis can attain a very long shelf life. However, when left out in the open air or stored improperly, cannabis will desiccate, grow mold and lose its potency within an incredibly short period of time. To keep your cannabis from drying and grossing, follow the four tips discussed above.

Use Glass Jars

Using a glass jar is the simplest and most economical way of keeping cannabis. The most ideal glass jar should have rubber or silicone seal tops or regular screw-on lids. Glass jars are impermeable. When properly sealed, they prevent excess oxygen and air from entering into the jar and damaging the leaves. Always ensure you choose a dark-colored glass jar to reduce light exposure. The glass jar should also be of the right size for the amount of cannabis you want to preserve.

Use Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is an effective way to preserve buds for years. This storage technique help remove air that causes molding and reduces the flavor and taste of cannabis. Too much air also destroys cannabioids, crucial elements that are responsible for the medicinal properties of cannabis. Luckily, many manufacturers nowadays make highly effective sealer plastic vacuum and wide-mouthed jar attachments for some vacuum sealing machines that allow you to preserve your cannabis in a glass. The method is a cost-effective way and is quite handy, particularly if you cannot afford other storage materials.

Use C-Vaults

These are containers made of stainless steel used to store food. They are airtight, smell-proof and light-proof. C-vaults come with humidity packs that keep the standard relative humidity at 62 percent, providing a great storage alternative. However, c-vault containers are very expensive compared to glass jars. The humidity packs also require frequent replacements, which might be very expensive.

Do Not Freeze

You should not store your cannabis in a refrigerator. The extreme temperatures in the refrigerator draws moisture from the cannabis and cause the resin glands to burst. The trichomes also become very weak and eventually breaks off, making the cannabis to lose its flavor. Also, the temperature fluctuations that occur when you open the refrigerator every now and then can cause the cannabis to lose its potency.

If you want your cannabis to last for months or even years without losing its flavor or potency, then you need to put up a property storage mechanism. Use dark-colored and properly sealed glass jars, C-vaults and high-quality vacuum sealers. Also, try as much as you can to keep your weed away from sunlight. Sunlight destroys the cannabinoids, causing the cannabis to lose its medicinal properties and potency.