5 Best Beauty Products Of 2019

The beauty industry is a huge machine, and the numbers tell the story. For instance, the global cosmetic products market alone is expected to reach a market value of USD 805.61 billion by 2023. There are also skin care and hair care that fall under the beauty umbrella. You, as a consumer, have plenty of choices for looking good, and here are our “5 Best Beauty Products Of 2019.”

1. Cleansing Silks. It all begins with a clean face, and washing your skin the proper way matters. Here’s an advanced product to remove makeup and grime with oil and foam and provide amazing exfoliation. What makes it so unique is its dissolving textile. The silk ovals are biodegradable and activate with water to create a super clean complexion.

2. Eyelid Lift Serum. This potent vitamin-F formula was given the big thumbs up by InStyle Magazine’s editor for the publication’s Best Beauty Buys 2019. It’s excellent for smoothing undereye lines and crow’s feet as well as firming eyelid creases and softening dark circles. Fans of the product say it produces a mini eyelift in a natural, effective way.

3. Plumping Lip Stain. Let’s face it, ladies. Sexy, voluptuous lips are still a hot trend in beauty, but not all of us are thrilled to line up for constant lip injections (ouch). Why not try getting fuller lips a more natural way with a new plumping lip stain.

This little tube of gloss comes with an oversized applicator brush to deliver a supple hydrating fullness with a lovely stain. The secret is in the hyaluronic acid formula.

4. Gelato Cheek Tint. Most makeup artists agree that if you want to barely wear any makeup, blush is the most important cosmetic to put on. It gives every face warmth and helps define your bone structure. This new cheek tint has been formulated into a special water-gel texture. When you first apply it, it feels cool to the touch, and then, it melts into a silky pop of color.

It’s long-lasting and luminous for the complexion.

5. 5-Minute Mask. Most women do damage to their hair, so if you’re looking for a super quick treatment, then a hair mask is your answer. This clever technology has packed hair nourishment into a 5-minute mask.

There is one to brighten blonde locks, another to tame frizz, one to repair damage with vitamin-E oil and a mask to enhance your hair color.

The great thing about the world of beauty is its gigantic variety. Every year, we can look forward to advanced formulas that make us feel pampered and pretty. There’s definitely something for you and me.