5 Essential Fashion Uses for Fine Watches

Having a watch that is stylish and sleek has several benefits. First, a nice watch is just a simply a useful thing to have at any time. Even though most people these days are using their smart phones to tell time, having an old-fashioned watch can really be a lifesaver when you either can’t get to your phone or your battery runs out. In addition, it’s just classier to have a watch instead of pulling out your phone to check the time.

But there’s more to having a fine watch than just being able to tell time. Fine watches with elegance and beauty can provide excellent looks for your changing styles. There are 5 styles in particular that can truly benefit from a great-looking watch.

1. Business Work Wear

When you go to work, you want to look strong, capable and powerful, but if you’re a woman, you also want to have a fine sensitivity about you. A classy watch can do do both of these things for your style. For a work wear watch, it’s a good idea to choose one that isn’t too flashy or showy. Leather is always good, and silver or gold can work too.

2. Fancy Dress Fashion

Most women don’t think about wearing a watch to a special occasion, like a wedding or party, but it can be a great accessory. The key is to get out of the work wear style and choose one with a little more flash and bling. Watches that have chains, charms and dangles are great.

3. Night Out on the Town Look

You can even wear watches when you’re going clubbing. In fact, it’s great to have a watch by your side in case your battery runs out on your phone or you need to quickly check the time while you’re grooving on the dance floor.

4. Preppy Cool Style

Preppy cool style means looking like you could go sailing or to a cocktail party at any moment. For this style, khaki pants, a blue and white striped French top and boat shoes are the norm. Wearing a classic leather banded watch with this outfit would look perfect.

5. Casual Chic

Finally, watches are a great accessory to have even when you are just lounging around the house on a Sunday. But of course, you don’t want to get too casual in your casual wear. Throw on some cozy wool leggings and a long chunky sweater with your hair done up in a soft, messy bun. The final touch can be a classic, comfortable watch that can give you the time whenever you need it and a little class too. Of course, who needs the time when you’re relaxing? Perhaps it’s just for looks, and that’s okay too!