5 Fun Products That Use 3D Glasses

The use of 3-D can be seen more and more places – from television to movies, to games, to clothing, tattoos, and advertisements. The effects can make things more fun and exciting as it seems like things are just coming to life right in front of your very eyes. Let’s take a look at five fun products that use 3-D glasses.

  1. Neon 3-D Sidewalk Chalk – Crayola has taken their sidewalk chalk 3D! With washable sidewalk chalk, your creations will pop right off the ground when you are wearing 3D glasses. This activity can be fun for the whole family and is easy to clean up with a hose. Six bright neon colors are included as well as the 3D glasses for your enjoyment.


  1. I Spy 3-D Game – A great game of visual discrimination, observation, and memorization, the I Spy 3-D Game has won multiple awards. This game is unique in that it is made from 100% recycled materials and also does not require any reading to play the game. The game is for up to 4 players, comes with 4 pairs of ChromaDepth 3-D glasses, 10 riddle cards, 40 tiles, and a rules sheet.


  1. Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants 3-D DVD Game – A fun DVD game that includes 4 pairs of 3-D glasses, real clips from the TV show, and player cards that feature your favorite characters. This game is appropriate for ages 6 and older, and 2-4 players.


  1. Optrix 3-D “Star” Dip and Blow Bubble Set – A very unique way to blow bubbles! Outdoors on a sunny day using super miracle bubbles or miracle bubbles, 3-D images will magically appear in your bubbles – while you are wearing the Optrix HG3-D glasses.


  1. Crayola DigiTools 3-D Pack by Griffin Technology – The perfect creative accessory for your ipad. Use the dual-tip digital 3-D tool to make amazing eye-catching designs or you can use the digital stamper for an immediate animated 3-D image. Virtual crayons, markers, and colored pencils are available in the same colors as real Crayola crayons for your use. There is an app that is compatible with this product that would need to be downloaded to your ipad as well, but it is free.

There are so many amazing things that you can do with 3-D. With the five different products that we took a look at, you and your family can have a great deal of fun together.