5 Fun Ways to Light Up Your Wedding Day

The Classic: Candles
Candles have an enduring appeal. Real candles provide a natural, flickering light that cannot be obtained with artificial lights. There are numerous ways to utilize candles to create beautiful lighting for a wedding. From the classic centerpieces that feature lit tea candles floating in a glass bowl of water to the DIY candles in mason jars effect, candles can be displayed many different ways. They are best used in centerpieces or on display tables. In a venue that does not allow candles, battery operated candles can be a good option.

The Budget Friendly: String Lights
One kind of lighting that create visual magic but easy on the wallet are humble string lights. String lights are fantastically versatile – they can be well combined with any type of wedding décor. Whether used to create a vertical light ‘wall’ in front of a cloth background or strung above the reception space, string lights provide a soft, sparkling ambiance. In addition, these little twinkling lights show up well in photos and make a great photo backdrop.

The Natural: Lanterns
Lanterns are one of the most varied forms of lighting for weddings – but they always add wonderful style and a warm glow to a wedding space. For instance, Chinese lanterns in pastel colors that are suspended above the guests lend a whimsical vibe to the décor. On the other hand, white lanterns hung from trees at an outdoor evening reception are simply magical. Or the bride and groom may enjoy releasing biodegradable wish lanterns with their guests for a memorable moment at their celebration.

The Tree Hugger: Spotlights and Vertical String Lights
Trees have such inherent natural beauty – it only makes sense to highlight them at outdoor wedding receptions. String lights draped or wrapped onto branches and trunks create a classic look. Or go for ultimate drama with vertical strings of lights hung from the branches. Tree centerpieces or décor are often a part of ‘winter wonderland’ weddings. In such cases, soft blue spotlights can be a beautiful addition.

The Photo Finish: Light Up the Room
There are several great wedding lighting ideas that are just pure fun. Giant oversized light up letters can make a fantastic place for a photo op. A light up dance floor will help keep guests moving and grooving all night long. Lights projected on the wall or ceiling can add color, pattern, or even the bride and groom’s monogram to the room.