5 Gifts to Give Friends Who are in the Midst of Moving

Do you have someone close to you that is planning a move? Do you know what you can do to make things a little less stressful for your friend? We have five gift ideas that you can give as a housewarming gift or a way to cope with not finding a thing when he or she gets to the new place.

Somewhere to place keys

Your friend is likely to lose everything including the keys in the sea of boxes that they will encounter at the new property. Giving them a bright gift bag with a magnetic key holder and some picture hanging hooks with the stick and peel base is an excellent way to keep the most important items organized. Your friend will thank you for being so thoughtful.

First aid kits always come in handy

Do you know someone that is buying his or her first home? An instant coffee maker is always welcome, but what else can you give your friend to make a new house feel safe? A gift basket with a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, emergency numbers, burn ointment, smoke detector, or carbon monoxide detector will provide your best friend with basic protection items should an emergency happen.

A membership to Amazon Prime

If your friend is like you, then they will need to have a few deliveries at the new place. Whether a favorite mirror ends up in pieces or the washer is too big for the utility closet, something will be on order shortly after your friend moves into the new house. A yearly subscription to Prime can help your friend avoid shipping costs on top of the price of moving.

Restaurant gift cards

When you are moving, nothing stays in place. Finding enough utensils to feed everyone and have an enjoyable meal is a struggle. Most movers end up eating out of a cooler or stopping for fast food depleting the budget quickly. You can help your friend stay on budget and have a healthy meal or two during the move with a gift card to a decent restaurant chain in his or her new city.

A coffee pot

Who could not use a hot cup of java to get the unpacking going? Your friend will appreciate the energy boost when the boxes start piling up like mountains. Toss in some gourmet beans and a couple of coffee cups so that everything is in one place. Make sure to put in some sweetener, creamer, and coffee filters too.

Your friend will remember the nice things you did when they had to move. You will feel good that you took time to help someone. When it comes time for you to relocate, there is an excellent chance that friends will be thoughtful enough to give you a gift they wish he or she had when transferring homes.