5 Perks to Living on a Lake

People who live far away from water often dream of taking vacations near the lakes and streams of the world. And for those who live on a lake already, life is like a vacation every single day.

If you’d like your own life to feel a bit like a vacation every day, then read up. Living near a lake offers you myriad opportunities for recreation, exercise, and even monetary gain. The following list encapsulates some of the biggest benefits of lakeside living. Knowing what those benefits are can help you decide whether or not lakeside living would be right for you.

1. Boating and Kayaking

For people who love boating and kayaking, living on a lake provides endless hours of exercise and fun: Your daily sail or kayak trip lies just a stone’s throw away from your front door. And even better, being so close to the water allows you to sneak in a quick jaunt out on the lake before your workday starts.

2. Swimming and Water Play

According to Fitness Magazine, swimming offers many benefits to the person who does it on the regular. It builds endurance, strengthens the heart, and works some underused muscles. Lakeside living affords plenty of opportunities for a daily swim, especially if your house has a dock close by. This is a definite perk for the avid swimmer.

3. Resale Value

Did you know that your home’s location can have more bearing on the resale value of your house than even the house itself? It can.

Nowadays, people buy homes in part because they like the location or the community in which the home is located. Few locations are as enticing as living near the water. If your home sits at the shore of a lake and you ever want to sell it, chances are good that it’s as good as sold and for a good price to boot.

4. Compassion and Connectedness

You could become a more compassionate and connected person if you live near the water, according to The Huffington Post. Being near water produces feelings that switch our brains from a ‘me’ orientation to an ‘other’ orientation. That’s because being near large bodies of water creates a sense of awe. It’s that sense of awe that creates the feelings of connectedness.

5. Reduced Stress Levels

Living and being near the water reduces the amount of stress that you experience, according to an article on the Conde Nast website. It’s being near all the blue that does it.

Additionally, it’s not just the color of water that changes us. It’s the sounds and smells, too. It’s the whole sensory experience. Being near water puts you in a more meditative state. Water provides a break for the brain in a way that few other environments can.

Living near a lake offers you a ton of benefits. Its shores become the literal jumping off point for your morning swim or sail. The blueness of the water and the sounds of the lake produce a meditative state in the body that improves health. And finally, having a home on a lake improves your chances of selling your home down the road. With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why humans have gravitated toward the water for centuries when they’re in need of rejuvenation.