5 Photo Shots You Must Get On Your Wedding Day

Photography is the best way to capture the moments of a wedding and freeze them forever. The wedding day is one of the most special days of a couple’s life together. It’s the day they committed to one another to stay side by side until death. It’s a very emotional and joyous occasion. Knowing this, there are a few photo shots that the photographer and the wedding guests love to capture during this special day.

1. First Look
In recent years, many couples have opted to do a first look before the actual wedding ceremony. It’s an opportunity for them to connect, talk, and see each other in their wedding attire before everyone else does. It’s usually an emotional and exciting exchange. This is a beautiful moment that can’t go undocumented by cameras.

2. Groom During Bride’s Entrance
When the bride walks down the aisle, this is typically the time when the groom first sees the bride for the day. This is usually an overwhelming experience for the groom. Some grooms smile and light up with excitement. Other grooms begin to helplessly cry. The groom’s expression during this moment is one to cherish and remember forever.

3. Father & Daughter at Bride’s Entrance
When the father and daughter are first displayed, this is the first look the world gets of the special woman on one of the most special days of her life. In such a special moment, it’s really beautiful to see the father walk the daughter down the aisle and entrust her to another man. Though she may be extremely emotional, the bride usually has an angelic glow about her on her wedding day as she walks down the aisle.

4. First Dance of Bride & Groom
The journey of life is a lot like a special dance. The man leads and the wife trusts him to lead her and the family. The first dance is a symbolic gesture showing their first attempt to dance together in life. It’s a sweet moment for all the supporting family, friends, and guests to witness. It is also a special moment that many couples love to have documented and framed for a reminder of that first dance.

5. Couple’s Goodbye to Honeymoon
As the couple says their goodbyes, they are excited to leave and spend time getting better acquainted and relax for an enjoyable oasis. Usually, the guests come together and bid them couple farewell as they hop into their honeymoon getaway car. Guests are often given lots of rice to throw or bubbles to blow. As the rice is thrown in the air and the bubbles get blown, the couple usually runs through the pathway of guests straight into their car. After waving goodbye, they leave to start their life together. As the day comes to a close, this is the final picture that a couple should definitely get on their wedding day.