5 Reasons to Change Out Your Air Filter

Breathing clean air matters. Pollutants contaminate the air in our homes. These small particles of liquid droplets, naked to the eye, travel freely through the air and can drastically affect your health.

You change your auto’s air filter as a part its scheduled vehicle maintenance. You know this will help to not only help the car run better, but also extend the life of the vehicle. The analogy is similar to the HVAC unit in your home. Your HVAC system needs to be maintained as well.

A clogged HVAC unit will not adequately catch air-born pollutants that float in the air. Resulting in respiratory diseases and lunch inflammation. Which is why changing your air filter regularly is so important.

Common household air pollutants such as: mold, radon, carbon monoxide, as well as second hand smoke, are frequent causes of dirty air filters. These air-born contaminants are microscopic, so you can’t see them. But you will know there is a problem when your family members exhibit sudden coughing.

Here are 5 Reasons to Change Out Your Air Filter

1) Protects your immune system. Breathing in dirty air will adversely affect the love ones in your home with health issues. Once inhaled, the pollutant droplets will attack the already compromised heart and lungs.

2) Extends the life of your HVAC system. Changing your air filter is a good preventive measure to ensure your air unit will last. Likewise, it will help the unit run smoother as well.

3) Save on serviceman cost. Let’s face it; anything that saves us money is a welcomed addition anywhere. Changing your air filter will help on repair cost. A clogged air filter will affect the internal parts. In time, it will cause your HVAC system to malfunction, requiring a service professional to make a house call, costing you money.

4) Improves air quality. Breathing dirty air will contribute to early lung problems. Breathing good, clean air will allow you to feel more wide-awake and energized. This in turn will encourage your body to do more everyday.

5) A dirty house. Dirt is dirty. A dirty air filter will contribute to the overall uncleanliness in your home. Not changing your air filter on a regular basis will coat your counters, appliances and furniture with thin layers of pollutants. Your home will not have a fresh smell to it. Instead, it will actually smell of dust and staleness.

It’s so important to change your homes air filter. The filter will catch the major pollutants circulating in the air. It will catch dust mites, filter harmful air-born pollutants.

Changing your air filter is a relatively simple process. It should be a part of your routine home maintenance. This simple ounce of prevention is one way to prevent a host of in home maladies.