5 Reasons to Purchase a Steel Agricultural Building

Agricultural buildings need to be durable and flexible. They are used for everything from equipment storage to housing livestock. The material the building is made from really matters. Steel is becoming the best option today. Here are five reasons to purchase a steel agricultural building.

Strength and Resilience

More than 1.3 billion tons of steel are produced annually around the world because it is one of the strongest and most resilient materials used in construction right now. Steel is the perfect choice for agricultural buildings because it can take a beating and not lose any strength. It can easily resist run-ins with agricultural equipment, people and livestock. It can withstand vibrations, temperature changes and chemicals without losing any integrity. It is even resistant to fire and moisture. This makes steel a superior choice especially for large and active agricultural businesses.

Minimal Maintenance Is Required

Some agricultural buildings might go for some time without being seen or used especially between busy seasons. The last thing you want is a building made from a material that requires constant care and specialized maintenance. Minimal maintenance is required for steel buildings. The building will remain in nearly the same state from one year to the next as long as it is cleaned occasionally. There is no need to sand away old surfaces, repaint it or add new protective finishes every season.

Few Design and Size Restrictions

Steel is so strong and lightweight that there are few design restrictions when it comes to buildings. This is good because many agricultural buildings have to be very large. A large wooden or other type of building would likely require numerous support columns and structures on the inside. Steel buildings can have massive open interior spaces without any columns intruding on the area. This provides more flexibility when designing or choosing a steel building.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available today. It can be almost completely recycled and formed into new steel. This eliminates waste and keeps landfills open. Creating steel from recycled scrap can use between 74 and 90 percent less energy than creating it from regular iron ore. This reduces carbon emissions from manufacturers. Steel does not leach harmful chemicals into the environment or harbor mold. This makes steel an attractive choice for businesses concerned about the environment.

Low Cost

A final reason to purchase a steel agricultural building is the low cost. Steel is an inexpensive material. The building can be prefabricated for a very low cost in a warehouse or industrial facility. Erecting a steel building takes just a faction of the time required to build a convention structure. This will make it easier to keep costs under control.