5 Reasons to Rebuild Industrial Electronics

The use of electronics has increased tremendously in the industrial section. They are used in CNC controlled machinery, robotics, and in electric fork lifts. These items need upkeep to ensure proper production no matter what their job setting is.


Repairing CNC machinery by stripping the electronic parts and installing new ones will give you a possible upgrade. Integrated circuits have replaced individual transistors, diodes, capacitors, and resistors. They are more heat resistant which will ensure a longer life. Rebuilding is not cheap, but you will wind up with equipment that is probably better than it was when purchased new.

Cost Effective 

Rebuilding industrial electronics can save considerable money over the cost of a new replacement. In most cases, rebuilding will give you a product that is equivalent to a new model. The overhaul will eliminate the problems that the old parts were having while saving money over a new product. You will also increase the value of the machinery and life expectancy should be comparable to a new model.

Already in Place 

The old machinery is already installed so rebuilding the electronics save switching out the whole machine. This is both time consuming and costly. Besides the price of a new replacement, there will be the added cost of switching the machines out. This can add to a longer downtime which means there is no production. This is another thing to consider when adding in the cost.

Disposing of the Machine

This is another factor to consider when deciding to rebuild or replace with a new model. The disposal of the old product could also be a liability. You will not only need somewhere to dispose of it, there will be the added cost of loading and transporting it the a disposal site.


A major rebuild will come with a good warranty. Buying used products will most likely not have any type of warranty included.

Knowing What You Have 

The operator will already be familiar with the machinery that is already in place. They would have to be retrained on a new model. This can lead to quality issues and the time of loss production due to retraining.

There are many good reasons to opt for a rebuild over the purchase of a new or used replacement. You will wind up with a product that you are already familiar with while saving money over a replacement. If the electronic only need upgraded with the rest of the machinery still in good shape, it would be a good idea to consider a rebuild.