5 Things To Know About Moving to Greenville South Carolina

When you are considering moving to Greenville, South Carolina you will find a city growing in a range of different areas including culture, sports, and history. Making the move to Greenville is something a large number of people are looking to do in the 21st-century as the city is ranked the 22nd best place to live in the U.S. The evolution of Greenville from a mill town to a major metropolitan city growing quickly makes this a place beloved by residents and visitors alike, according to Washington Post.

1. Downtown is walking friendly

Unlike many of its neighbors in the South, the Downtown area of Greenville can be walked with ease with many pedestrian-only areas and a range of parking options for those choosing to drive into the downtown area. There are more than 700 free on-street parking spaces on the sidewalk which are available throughout the day and night, US News reports. Along with the bus and trolley services running through the city, Greenville makes it easy to get around in a green and efficient way.

2. A thriving arts scene

Greenville has become a magnet for artists of all kinds, including musicians, sculptors, and painters. Each week, artists in the Arts Crossing area of the city open the doors of their studios to allow the public to enter and view their work as it is being created. Other artistic works are dotted around the city, including sculptures celebrating famous local, such as the inventor of the LASER, Charles Townes.

3. Enjoy the Historic West End

The West End of the city of Greenville, South Carolina was the area which housed the mills and factories of the last century. The houses of the workers from most of the mills and factories were housed in this area along with Furman University, which remains in this area. Now home to Falls Park and a number of impressive hotels, the West End has preserved many of the buildings of the past while updating them for modern uses.

4. Ride or walk the Swamp Rabbit Trail

One of the most impressive aspects of the rejuvenation of the city has been the opening of the Swamp Rabbit Trail which has been created to allow cyclists, runners, and walkers to enjoy a 20-mile course through the city. Bicycles can be rented for daily use for those wanting to explore this nature trail from its start by the Reedy River.

5. Mild Winters

The location of Greenville in the Upstate of South Carolina means it does enjoy hot and humid Summers, but the seasonal averages for Spring, Fall, and Winter make this a comfortable climate. The Fall and Spring averages hover around 60 to make this a city where the outdoors are enjoyable throughout the year.

6. Home of baseball

The local minor league baseball team is linked to the Boston Red Sox with Fluor Field stadium created from reclaimed bricks of disused mills and factories. Greenville was the hometown of the iconic baseball player, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson who still has a museum in his honor within the downtown area.

Greenville, South Carolina is close to many of the major metropolitan areas of the Southeast with direct links to Atlanta and Charlotte. The city is growing in stature with a burgeoning restaurant and food truck scene making waves around the U.S. The arrival of many major companies, such as Michelin, BMW, and GE make this a city where prosperity is definitely on the rise.