5 Unique and Delicious Toppings for Your Burger

One of the classic American meals is a burger with a large side of fries. Whether it’s a beef burger, turkey burger, or veggie burger, many people love chowing down on this satisfying meal. In addition to the burger, it’s great to include lots of fun toppings. Many people are used to the standard lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese combination. However, there are lots of fun and unique toppings to try that make a burger much more delicious and memorable. Step out on a limb and try some of these options the next time you make or order a burger.

1. Guacamole
When most people think of guacamole, they envision a large bowl of tortilla chips for dipping, margaritas, and taco nights. However, consider trying guacamole on your burger. The mix of lime, avocado, garlic, onion, and tomato add a zesty punch and different flair to the classic American burger. Besides, you’ll get your healthy fats from the avocado which is always a good thing.

2. Onion Strings
Sure, you may order your burger with a side of onion rings. This time, try ordering your burger with a bunch of onion strings inside. If you don’t know of a burger joint that sells this, they’re easy to make at home. Simply follow the same recipe for onion rings. The only difference is that when you make the onion rings, be sure to slice them finely. They should look like strings. This makes them much easier to fit inside of a burger.

3. Feta Cheese
Yes, most people like American cheese on their burgers and feta cheese goes on their Greek salads. Why not switch it up a bit with a fresh spin? The flavor and texture of feta cheese are drastically different from American cheese, but will automatically lend a strong, delectable flavor. You won’t need to use much seasoning when you add this type of cheese to the plate. If feta cheese isn’t your thing, try to be open to another cheese like Gorgonzola cheese or blue cheese. Your taste buds might never be the same.

4. Pesto
Pesto is a delicious blend of pine nuts, garlic, spinach, and other yummy ingredients. Instead of using the standard condiment of mayonnaise and ketchup, slather a healthy dose of pesto all over the bun of your burger. This is a rich, flavorful condiment that will make its presence known in any burger.

5. Kale
Lettuce is the standard green, leafy vegetable of choice for the classic American burger. Step out on a limb and add some kale instead. Kale is one of the great, nutrient-rich vegetables and your body needs all the vitamins kale offers. You canĀ sautee it in a pan with lots of garlic and seasonings. You can also eat it raw with some tahini paste, nutritional yeast, garlic, and lemon juice. Mix it around in a bowl and let it wilt. Once the flavors are combined, pile it high on your burger for a power-packed meal.