5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Nautical Trends In Your Home

There are so many ways to include a nautical theme in your home. The designs and techniques constantly being invented by professional and highly talented design teams are innovative. It is also easy to accomplish that type of décor with all the various seaside patterns out there plus the ones you can create in your own clever way. An excellent way to get good ideas is from those intriguing items you find at garage and yard sales and at thrift stores.

The fashion trends that are inspired by the high seas and using the red, white and blue colors and stripes have been around since the 1850s! This is one type of fashion that has never gone away and continues to be popular even into the most luxurious of homes.

1. Seafaring influences

Nautical stylings can appear in any room inside the home and outside on the patio or pool deck. There can be light driftwood gray oak floors or floors reminiscent of the decking on a wooden boat, furnishings in crisp navy blue and red, nautical-style lighting fixtures either in sconces on the walls or as hanging chandeliers, and a selection of nautical design accessories such as a rope clock, a ship’s bell, and a great number of other ideas.

2. Seaside elements

Put a brass bed in the master bedroom as well as decorative flea market finds of all sorts including reclaimed wood that can be made into a variety of objects throughout the house.

3. Cloth linens and more

There are so many nautical decorated linens such as tablecloths, napkins, place mats, dish towels, guest towels, aprons, as well as curtains, cushions, blankets, quilts, clothing, office desk items, decorated night table and dressing table ornaments and boxes of all sizes and shapes, and more.

4. On the walls

You can use lighthouse or stenciled anchors or sea charts patterned wallpaper, early 20th century signal flags, a salvaged porthole as a small window or as a plant holder, or any type of wall art and paintings that speak of the sea.

5. Accessories

A model sail boat, vintage signal flags, photographs, a collection of seashells, fish in all forms and styles and on all types of backings will all liven up the areas and create the scene that you are aiming for.

Enjoy having the nautical memories and artifacts surround you.