5 Valuable Tips to Know When Creating a T-Shirt Design

While some people want to design t-shirts for fun, others are doing it as a professional business. Others are doing it to promote artists, teams or tourist attractions. According to Forbes, Shopify’s COO Harley Finkelstein originally started his entrepreneurship by selling t-shirts.

Shirt designing is easier than ever because of tools like Adobe Illustrator. Many designers do not bother physically making the shirts themselves, instead sourcing out the work to professional printers. All that is needed to sell a t-shirt is a creative design that people want to wear. Here are 5 tips to craft a desirable t-shirt design.

1. Brainstorm ideas. One important thing to consider is what kind of market you want to sell to. What kind of demographic do you want to sell to? Are you selling to males or females? What are your market’s interests? Once you have figured out who you are selling to, write down your ideas for this demographic. Think of ideas that will attract your market.

2. Plan the design. When you have focused on one idea for a t-shirt, draw a quick sketch or basic outline to get an idea of what the design should look like. After seeing the design physically sketched out, you can go back and change anything that does not work. This should be a revision process that changes the design until it looks like something you want to sell.

3. Create the official design for the shirt. It is important to take your time so that the artwork for this looks perfect. Pay attention to the detail you put into the work. Also remember to keep things simple, and do not get stuck on any one thing.

4. Have the right tools to create the digital design. It might make a huge difference in quality just by using the right design software. Aside from Adobe, there are also online programs to help you design shirts. Whatever tool you do choose to use, thoroughly explore it so that you know what it’s capable of. Having a good grasp of the program’s tools and colors can be very useful in designing a shirt.

5. Find a good printer. You have the option of printing the shirt yourself, it is just a matter of buying the right supplies and following a DIY guide to t-shirt printing. Some supplies needed for a project like this would be a plain shirt, a bottle of degreaser, a large brush, emulsion, screen printing ink and a printing screen. Some find it easier to simply hire a professional printer. Either way, it’s important to have a good printer because it can make a huge difference in quality.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure the shirt original and creative. People want to wear shirts that are interesting and attractive.