5 Ways To Equip Your Home for Your Elderly Parent’s Ease

It is becoming more common for an elderly parent to return home to live with adult children today when things get rough. People hosting elderly parents need to prepare the house to accommodate the special needs of someone who is aging. Here are five ways to equip your home for your elderly parent’s ease.

Place Handrails or Grab Bars in Key Areas

Over 2 million elderly parents live in homes with their grandchildren and children. One of the easiest ways to equip your home for an elderly parent is to place handrails or grab bars in key areas. These bars offer extra support and stability when moving through slippery or difficult areas. Put them in bathrooms and showers. Place them along stairwells and hallways. This will make it much easier for your parent to get around.

Install a Zero-Clearance Tub or Shower

Getting in and out of a traditional shower or tub can be very dangerous for an elderly parent. There is every opportunity to slip and fall or lose balance while stepping over the rim. This is why you should install a zero-clearance shower or tub in your home. This is a tub that has a door on the side allowing your elderly parent to just open the panel and step inside without having to climb over the edge.

Add Extra Lighting throughout the House

Your elderly parents are likely to start having vision problems. Rooms might appear much darker to an elderly parent than to younger family members. Add extra lighting throughout the house to make things easier. This could mean additional freestanding lamps or more recessed lighting. You could even install occupancy sensors in dim hallways or stairwells that turn on automatically when your parent enters the area.

Consider a Stair Lift

With 44.7 million elderly individuals in the country today, many companies are producing items to make life easier for those people. Stair lifts are one of those items. A stair lift can be installed quickly. It makes it very easy for an elderly parent to get up long flights of stairs without experiencing pain, losing balance or running the risk of injuries. This will give your parent more independence and mobility while living in the home.

Lower Handles, Light Switches and Appliances

The final step should be to start lowering handles, light switches and appliances throughout the house. You want to make it as easy as possible for your elderly parent to reach anything necessary. Try to have switches and appliances at eye level or lower. Think about labeling some important switches and dials. This is going to allow your elderly parent to easily use everything in the house with having to stretch or take dangerous risks on a daily basis.