5 Ways to Partake in Marijuana

Inhalation or smoking is the most prevalent means of cannabis consumption that the market contains today. It is also the swiftest way to introduce the much-cherished THC into the system. The cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs and are passed directly along into the bloodstream. And as blood flows roughly three to four miles per hour, it only takes a few seconds after the THC hits the circulatory system to reach the brain.

Joints and Blunts 

These methods of inhaling marijuana smoke differ greatly in size. Joints are rolled from cigarette paper and are more delicate; a blunt is rolled from cigar paper and is much thicker. The latter is a more powerful option.

Pipes and Bowls 

When compared to joints, bowls and pipes are a quicker and easier means to inhale cannabis smoke. There is no tedious rolling which requires deft and delicate fingers. Simply stuff some weed in, light up, and you’re smoking. You typically need to light bowls each time you hit, which is good for saving some for later use and controlling your dosage finely.


The king of cannabis paraphernalia, bongs come in all sizes and shapes and can be amazingly beautiful. Some people simply use them for display as decoration pieces. One popular form of the water pipe is the bong of the gravity variety. The clever contraption in question uses the force of gravity to push smoke into a chamber of holding where you can inhale it at your leisure. It is a smoother means of consuming cannabis because the smoke is cooled by the water, and will get you quite stoned.

Vaporizers or Vape Pens 

This is a device using a battery in order to warm up cannabis oil that is in a cartridge; this produces the vapor you inhale. Vape pens come in all sizes and shapes. Miniaturization and price decreases make smaller vape pens quite popular.


You can try making your own cannabutter and doing some baking or cooking, or simply buy edibles, but this means is not as well-regulated as smoking. It can take much longer for the effects to strike and they might be more potent than you realized. You can also consume marijuana by means of teas and tinctures, pills and sprays.

While federally, marijuana is still illegal, state laws vary widely. States in growing numbers have been legalizing the use and possession of marijuana by those above 21 years of age. Over half of the U.S. has legalized marijuana’s medicinal usage. The methods of consuming cannabis or marijuana have also been changing. Smoke and edibles are still the top two means of consumption.