5 Ways to Show Your Individuality Through Your Clothes

With so many cycling trends floating around the fashion world, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest designs while maintaining your identity. As silly as this sounds, keeping up with the times may be the exact thing that makes others write you off as just another number. Here are five ways to show your individuality through your clothes.

1. Set Your Own Trends
Dressing according to the latest trend is the exact opposite of expressing your individuality. Pay less attention to what your favorite celebrity is sporting, and dress according to your own personality. Remember, the trend is to be created, not followed.

2. Color Coordinate
This does not mean that everything should be matching from head to toe. Color coordination, in this case, means to arrange your shades according to your personality, preference, or mood. For example, if you are looking to stand out and appear more upbeat, you may want to choose brighter clothing such as yellow or orange. If you are a bit more reserved, blacks, tans, or greys may be better suited. Learn more about how colors and personalities correlate.

3. Accessorize
Accessories strongly reflect the character of the wearer. They are the small details that tell the story of your outfit. Choose add-ons that will reveal more about yourself as well as your personal desires. Wear an owl necklace to express your love for birds or sport a hat that reflects your favorite baseball team. You may even want to pull out a long-retired pendant to demonstrate your passion for vintage wear. Learn about how accessories and other features can creatively improve your professional appearance.

4. Pay Attention To Your Shoes
As ironic as it sounds, your shoes may make the greatest impact. Shoes are the glue to the entire outfit, and you should always dress in a pair that will showcase your true identity. High heels or embellished sandals can indicate that one has a feminine personality while tennis shoes may give a laid-back perception.

5. Experiment With Different Looks
We all have sold ourselves short at one point by uttering negative statements like, “I could never pull that off”. If you find yourself in this frame of mind, duplicate the look that you are afraid of. Step outside your comfort zone and take risks. As a trendsetter, the bolder you are with your fashion choices, the more confident you will become.

When it comes to fashion, you are the model of your reality. The way you dress is one of the most potent forms of self-expression that can ultimately determine the course of your life. The key to maintaining your individuality is to be authentic and dress from within.