6 Things You Should Know Before Your First Cruise

Offering lavish dining, poolside relaxation, and camaraderie, cruises make for the ideal vacation. If you’re sailing the high seas for the first time, there are several considerations to mull over. In an effort to maximize your ocean voyage, here are six pointers to bear in mind before setting sail.

Documentation Is Crucial
From boarding to disembarking, you’re expected to have your ID, passport, and cruise ship card on you at all times. It’s difficult for authorities to keep tabs on the thousands of passengers gallivanting about. In the hopes of streamlining procedures, the crew will ask for identification before excursions, dinners, and at the bar.

Pack Ample Sunscreen
While laying poolside and catching a tan is what cruise dreams are made of, you’re not mightier than the sun. If you’re traveling to an exotic, warm place, sunscreen is a must. To ensure that you aren’t in pain for the remainder of the trip, lather up with sunscreen as often as you can.

Look Into All-Inclusive Plans
If a booze-filled cruise is what you desire, look no further than an all-inclusive package. From piña coladas to strawberry daiquiris, the cocktail options are endless. All-inclusive packages are just that: plans that offer bottomless drinks at a reasonable price. Opt for this economical option if saving money and catching a buzz rank high on your list of priorities.

Seasickness Is Not A Myth
Sometimes, the motion of the ocean becomes too much to stomach. In these cases, nausea is never far behind. No one is impervious to motion sickness, but there are tips you can heed to reduce your chances of getting ill on board. Staying hydrated, taking motion sickness tablets, and laying off caffeine are some ways to alleviate symptoms.

Cheaper Cabins Are Snug
If you didn’t spring for the more expensive cabin, be prepared for a smaller room. The more affordable rooms don’t include portholes and merely offer a bed and bathroom. If claustrophobia is something you grapple with, shelling out more cash for a larger cabin is a practical option.

Time Is Of The Essence
Being on time is of paramount importance. Whether you’re returning from a shore excursion or boarding the ship, it’s vital that you show up at the scheduled time. The sea captain and crew have a tight agenda to adhere to, and it doesn’t bode well for the ship’s itinerary if you’re running even a couple of minutes behind.

Remember, there’s much fun to be had on cruise ships. While your first time may seem overwhelming, the crew and fellow cruise-goers are sure to make your adventure enjoyable. Sit back, relax, and bask in the many splendors of your sea journey.