6 Tips For Adding Individuality To Your Cubicle

Work can be boring when it lacks creativity. Feeling this way can make a person less motivated and productive. Add inspiration and individuality to your cubicle with these useful ideas.

Utilize Color

Putting your favorite color into your workspace is a way to brighten up the environment. Different colors are known to affect the senses in their own unique ways. Blue is calming while yellow can provoke a cheery attitude. If you work at home or at your own office you have the option to paint the walls.

Picture It

Bring a meaningful energy to the cubicle with photographs of friends and family. If you like aesthetic appeal you can hang up a pretty nature scene or illustrative artwork. Pictures can bring on positive memories or be deeply thought-provoking. When someone comes into your cubicle or office they can admire it plus you’ll have something to talk about.

Office Supplies

Office supplies don’t have to be generic and dull. Spice your space up with a notebook or journal you particularly like. Buy personalized stationary and pens that fit your unique style. If you’re environmentally friendly you can purchase recycled paper products and other recyclable items to inspire your charitable personality.

Do It Yourself

If you want to create something from scratch you could add a painted design to a cabinet or reupholster a chair. Draw, paint or sculpt something even if it’s not perfect. Creativity also has some amazing¬†health benefits. No matter what, creativity is meant to be fun while you take a rest from reality by using your imagination. Find a free arts and crafts tutorial online or attend a class in your area.

Amusing Objects

If you need something to make you laugh during the long day you could benefit from placing humorous objects in the room. This could be anything from a book you can read in your free time to a simple stuffed animal or statue you enjoy looking at. Choose one or more things that make you happy.

Promote Positivity

Inspire yourself to be more positive by placing quotes on the walls. You can write in a beautiful journal on your break. If you feel stifled by too many objects and trash you may want to consider a Zen atmosphere. You can clean up the room with peace of mind. You could download an app with calming nature sounds or music.

To bring individuality to your cubicle choose something that fits your personality or means something to you. Let your own unique creativity flow into your work area. You can even think up new ideas in your free time if you’d like.