6 Tips for Planning Your Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween is fast approaching. Just because you are no longer a kid, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a positively spooky Halloween Party that you, your friends and family can enjoy. Here are 6 tips to help you plan your party.


Theme – There is only so much you can do as far as a Halloween Party theme, as it is Halloween. It is mainly just a direction to go in so that you can plan the rest of the party. Some themes you can go with are Haunted House Vibes or Cute and Spooky Vibes but it is recommended that you require costumes (it only makes it more fun).


Invitations – More often now, people tend to send invitations online – whether by social media, email or an online invitation service. You can go old school though and create your own printed spooky invitations that will wow your guests. Make sure to have everyone RSVP, so you can know how much stuff to purchase later on.


Decorations – Options are endless as far as decorations. Get fake spider webs with spiders, cauldrons to hold punch or other beverages, witch hats, pumpkins, fake bats and black cats. Colors seen at Halloween are typically orange, black, green and purple.


Food/Beverages – Food and beverages can be a fun thing to plan for a party. There are a lot of recipes available on line for treats to make that can fit into your theme. Such as spider Oreo pops, Rice Krispy treat mummies, or chocolate monster cookies. There are a lot of great punch recipes that are on theme as well – you can find a punch that looks positively spooky some are alcoholic and some are non-alcoholic, depending on your preference.


Activities – There are many things that you can offer by way of activities. Some ideas include:

Mystery boxes: Fill boxes full of peeled grapes (eyeballs), baby carrots (toes), corn husk silk (hair), and overcooked rice (maggots).  This is a fun and creepy sensory activity that fits the holiday.

Costume Contest: One way to help ensure everyone will bring their best costume is to announce ahead of time that there will be a costume contest.  Set judging criteria and set different categories for winners i.e. scariest costume, most authentic, funniest, etc. and offer a small prize for the victor.


Party Favors – Even though you may be an adult, party favors are fun – they don’t need to be anything elaborate, just something on theme. Send everyone home with a little trick-or-treat bag with some candy.


If you love Halloween and want to throw an awesomely spooky party, be sure to follow these steps.