6 Under-the-Radar Franchise Businesses to Invest In

Franchises are great to invest in because the idea behind the business is already covered. All you have to do is invest in the franchise, hire the employees, and market the brand. It seems like a great idea to buy a famous franchise, but sometimes it isn’t always best since there is already such huge competition you are up against. There are numerous unknown and under-the-radar businesses you need to consider having as a franchise instead of the huge brands like StarBucks, McDonald’s, or Burger King.

6 Under-the-Radar Franchise Businesses to Invest In


Zaxby’s is a Southern Chicken Fingers and Wings chain that delivers quality food! Known for their unique take on their chicken wings, they are everywhere but still a growing franchise. One of their franchisee has explained that growth is steady within the franchise. There is a $35,000+ fee and a 6 percent royalty charge of weekly sales, but overall it’s a wonderful company that makes it so affordable.

Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is a huge new brand that caters to dogs and can be the business for you dog lovers. They basically can help create your very own doggy day care location, and the investment is not that expensive. They say this specific industry never struggles no matter what kind of financial struggle you’re going through. Americans spend billions of dollars on their dogs even in the midst of a financial struggle, so this is quite the industry to be in.


This unique music franchise is the best thing to be in if you love being in the music industry. You can provide music lessons to homes, schools, and even community centers. The demand for these types of music teachers are high with so many schools cutting out music programs. Many families will invest and invest in their children’s vocal and music abilities because they know a talent is worth growing.

Jimmy John’s

This unique pizza company has created countless successful locations. They offer franchise training and complete guidance for when you put up your own special location up. This is a great thing to invest in if you are looking for a way to build an affordable business that wouldn’t cost too much for you.

Great Clips

The hair industry is one big place to be. It’s the best place if you just love being in the world of hair. Great Clips and other places like Supercuts are all great because they give you the chance to grow in this industry and help you to make serious cash in an industry that’s so unpredictable.

YouFit and Planet Fitness

If you want to target the weekly gym-goers and those who don’t like the whole judgement of the traditional gym, this is the business to have. Why? Because Planet Fitness and YouFit are affordable franchises that open up the opportunity to grow as professionals and truly guide you on the right path to success in this field.

These franchises are all unknown in the sense when in comparison to others. You will come to find that this is definitely a great path to be in. There are always new and unique ways to grow as a business, and there are franchises to consider investing yourself into.