7 Fashion Trends That Will Arrive This Spring

With a new year comes another host of new fashion trends. This spring’s fashion lineup is sure to be as unique as the year itself, with tasteful returns to retro styles along with some groundbreaking new innovations showing up on the runways and streets alike. To help you stay ahead of the trends, we’ve gathered seven of the most intriguing fashion trends set to arrive in the spring season.

1. Back to Black 

While it almost seems silly to list this as a trend, it is surprising in today’s attention-hungry atmosphere. Perhaps it’s the unique way that black is being worn – especially in the spring season – that makes it remarkable. While black is timeless and classy, it may see some more fun and intriguing interactions this year.

2. Hippie Style 

The use of fun, playful retro prints and blouse-y outfits is back. These styles are fun and lighthearted and the perfect match for spring. Expect retro, 70’s inspired looks with plenty of patterns and vintage-inspired leather accessories.

3. Neon 

On the opposite end of the black spectrum, many high-fashion runways have returned to using bright neon in their outfits. While it’s certainly a bold choice, if done in the right amounts it can be fun.

4. The anti-trend

Perhaps it’s the ever-growing popularity of minimalism and a growing cultural desire to return to authenticity and genuineness. Whatever it is, simple and modest outfits are making more of an impact on the fashion world, with slim-cut (not skinny or baggy) pants and neutral colors.

5. Feminine Dresses

This year’s fashion shows saw a return to dresses that are intentionally pretty. With lacy materials and flowery prints, these dresses are unapologetically feminine and beautiful.

6. Animal Prints

Bold, head-to-toe cheetah prints (or prints used as an accent) should make a comeback this year. In addition, zebra and leopard prints should make a comeback as well. We may even see nature prints in some daring and bright neon colors, which would make all too much sense for the spring season.

7. Pastels

This season’s runways saw plenty of bright and airy pastel fabrics worn in oversized blazers and playfully-cut pants. Looser fits are common and intentional, and it’s this airy and playful look that’s perfect for spring. The combination of pastel colors and loose-fitting fabrics vibes quite nicely with the groovy 70’s style that will likely be popular this season.