7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Male Incontinence

If you’re dealing with male incontinence, you know the problems that come with trying to live a normal and carefree life. Unfortunately, incontinence causes you to have to use the bathroom more frequently than is normal for you, and oftentimes, you’ll have accidents and not be able to make it to the toilet on time. When visiting your doctor, be sure to ask any questions that you need to answered.

1. Will It Get Worse?
In many cases, male incontinence can get worse if it is not properly treated. Only a doctor can tell you if your specific case is going to get worse.

2. What is Causing It?
Male incontinence is often caused by other problems, such as an enlarged prostate. Because of this, your doctor may need to check for other issues along with the incontinence.

3. What Can I Do to Alleviate It?
There are lots of things that you can do to alleviate and even reverse male incontinence. These might involve special exercises that work the pelvic floor.

4. How Can I Prevent It From Getting Worse?
The best way for you to prevent your incontinence from getting worse is by treating it either with surgery, medication or by practicing daily habits that can help to reverse the problem.

5. Are Medications Necessary?
Some men who deal with incontinence have to take medication to prevent frequent urinating and accidents that happen as a result of this. Only a doctor can tell you if medication is right for you and which dosage you are going to need.

6. How Can I Prevent an Embarrassing Situation?
Whether this involves special underwear or going for other treatment, your doctor can tell you exactly what you need to do so that the incontinence problems don’t overtake your life.

7. Should I Be Eating and Drinking Like Normal?
Some men who have severe incontinence issues may need to change their entire lifestyles and diets. This might involve avoiding water at certain times of the day or going with heavier foods that have less water in them. Your doctor can tell you what you need to do concerning your diet and the way that you drink.

Male incontinence affects more than a million men in the United States alone. Because of these staggering numbers, it’s not uncommon for someone to deal with embarrassing moments and have to change their lifestyle because of the fact that they’re afraid of having an accident while out in public. Thankfully, having incontinence isn’t the end of the world and there are a multitude of treatments and options available to men of all ages.