7 Tips For Getting Back To Work After Surgery

People undergo surgery for various reasons, which range from illnesses to the process of giving birth. By the end of the recovery process, they have to get back to work, which is scary for some while others aren’t too concerned. In that case, one has to have an idea of how to handle things upon return to work, as they would like to avoid any post-surgery setbacks. Below are some tips on how to get back to work after surgery.

  1. Realize that work can be a part of recovery 
    By viewing work as a part of recovery, you are likely to take the idea of going back to work with ease. The fact that one is used to working means that a lot of rest might do more harm than good to them hence the idea to get back to work. Additionally, being isolated during recovery can be damaging to people especially if they are used to interacting with others.
    2. Keep a routine 
    While recovering, try as much as you can to stick to your normal routine. This would be wake up time, getting showered and dressed, etc. It can be hard to follow your normal routine during recovery, but do the best that you can without over taxing yourself. If you follow a routine of sorts while you are recuperating, it will help to make it easier when it is time to return back to work.
    3. Build up step by step 
    Don’t rush back into everything you were doing before – take your time. Build up gradually until you get to your normal pace and position at work.
    4. Get all the paperwork in order 
    When getting back to work after surgery, you should have an idea of how your company treats such cases especially if you need medical clearance to show you are fit to work.
    5. Ask for help where needed 
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help in case you are having a rough time, have forgotten something or aren’t feeling well.
    6. Be prepared for questions
    People are naturally curious, so when you come back to work – expect questions. Even though it can be annoying to some extent, one should not be offended as the people are only concerned and mean well. If you don’t feel like going into detail, give a vague answer and change the subject or just come right out and say that you don’t feel like talking about it.
    7. Listen to your body 
    Pay attention to how you feel. If you are toward the end of recovery, try and do things that you would normally do at work. Whether it is stand on your feet for 8 hours or sit at a computer for 8 hours. If you do heavy lifting, only try that if your doctor has permitted it. If you don’t feel like you are physically ready talk it over with your doctor and HR team.

The recovery process after surgery is not easy, and that means that one has to be patient. You should not rush to get back to work before you are ready as that could bring a setback or further consequences. It is important to be sure that you are in good condition and have a doctor’s clearance before going back to work.