8 Family Photo Ideas That are Sheer Genius

If you’re tired of stiff, boring portraits where your entire family looks unhappy, it’s time to shake things up and get a little creative. Here are just eight ways to create a memorable family photo.

1. Costumed Scenes

Dress your son like a monkey and chase him through the “wilderness” of your backyard. Put your daughter in a princess dress and bow to her like royal subjects. There are many ways to stage a fun, creative scene, and the only limit is your imagination.

2. Forced Perspective

Forced perspective is when you deliberately create an optical illusion to make things appear smaller or larger than they really are. For example, you could pose your children cowering under a “giant” shoe by putting the shoe very close to the camera while your children are further away.

3. Levitation

Any family can create a happy photo by jumping in the air when the shutter clicks. But how many have digitally altered the picture so they appear to be levitating or flying? It’s an easy way to add energy, whimsy and creativity to your family photos, so break out the Photoshop and get to editing.

4. Alphabet Letters

This is great for large families or those who don’t have the budget to bring in expensive props and costumes. Give everyone a block letter and arrange them in a way that spells something like “family,” “together” or “hello world.” It’ll be both simple and cute, and every child will have a task to do.

5. Chalkboard

Put everyone in front of a chalkboard that you’ve customized with words, phrases, drawings and heart symbols. Not only will it be a fun photo to set up, but it’ll also become a one-of-a-kind memento for your family.

6. Special Location Settings

If there’s an old farmhouse or beach setting that you’ve always wanted to photograph, take the opportunity to turn it into a family portrait. For example, you can sit your kids in the sand or pose them on the rafters on the barn.

7. Composite Portraits

Composite portraits are made by combining the photos of multiple people into one. Not only will it be a fun experiment for the family, but it’ll become a great talking point for guests who see it hanging in the hallway, too.

8. Natural Phenomena

Create a rain, snow or wind effect by having a third party use weather equipment behind the scenes. It’ll create a dynamic family photo without actually exposing your children to unsafe weather conditions.

These are just eight family photo ideas that are sure to become keepers. Tracking your family’s growth and happiness is a very responsible thing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too!