9 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Joining a Vacation Club

A vacation club can provide you with the opportunity to see different parts of the world and to have a regular retreat. Joining such a club can help you to form closer bonds with relatives on your travels and to meet new people as well. Despite the perquisites, make sure to ask some important questions before signing any paperwork.

1. How often can I vacation? 
Knowing about limitations is important. You don’t want to think that you can just pack up and go at any time if you are limited to booking the location a specified number of times per year. Also, consider how much you will reasonably travel so that you can select a club that fits your vacationing schedule.

2. Are children and pets allowed? 
When you’re planning to travel with the kids, human or four-legged and furry, you must ensure that the club location permits them. Make certain to ask if additional fees apply in the event that you travel with your pets.

3. Do you offer special discounts? 
The Huffington Post indicates that you may qualify for special discounts if you are retired. Even when you have not yet reached this state of freedom, you can ask about other programs that will help you to get a discount on the vacation club.

4. Does the club include multiple vacation spots? 
Not all vacation clubs are the same. You might sign up for a timeshare program where you can vacation in the same spot multiple times per year, or you might participate in a program that has a number of hotel partners throughout the world.

5. What is the total cost, and what does that cost include? 
When you first see a vacation club advertised online or on television, the noted price might not equal the final cost. For example, you might see an annual price for the timeshare only. You must learn what the total is after taxes and other services.

6. Are cleaning services available? 
After you travel to your location, you probably don’t want to have to spend a great deal of time cleaning up. Find out if your vacation club offers cleaning services for the rental so that you can have more moments to relax.

7. What level of tourism do you offer? 
A vacation club can offer more than just a spot to rest your head at night as suggested by the New York Times piece. Your vacation club might have excursions on which you can venture.

8. How long do I have to register for?
While you might ultimately want to participate in a vacation club for the rest of your life, leaping into that decision isn’t necessarily the best idea. Consider starting with the minimum required time to see how you like it.

9. How old is the vacation club? 
Giving a new company a chance isn’t always a bad idea; however, you don’t want to have a negative experience. A company with a solid reputation that you can research will likely help to provide greater peace of mind.

A vacation club offers you the chance to have new experiences and to put some of your money toward entertainment and luxury. Ask these questions before signing up.