9 Important Movie Moments Involving Cigars

Cigarettes in movies tend to hold a certain negative stigma. Cigars are something that are a bit more positive and respected in movies. Depending on the scene they are in they can hold a certain amount of class or sophistication to them. Characters have been scene-smoking cigars in movies for decades now. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic movie moments involving cigars.

Die Another Day
This is the last of the James Bond movies and when James Bond visits a Cuban cigar factory he asks for ‘Delectados’. This was a code word for a sleeper agent that he was looking for. This wasn’t an actual cigar at the time but shortly after it was create in homage of the movie.

This is an earlier film that is part of the James Bond series. Xenia is a renegade agent working with Bond’s former partner Alex Trevelyan. When Bond and Xenia are in a casino together, Xenia is smoking a cigar seductively.

An elite Special Forces Team is led by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character. When the team is sent to Central America to rescue hostages they end up hunted by an alien beast. Schwarzenegger smokes a cigar at the beginning of the movie prior to being unloaded from the helicopter.

Based off of a comic book, Watchmen features a scene where The Comedian, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, lights up a cigar with his flamethrower.

The Wolverine
One of the Marvel Comics characters is Wolverine and in his 2013 movie, Wolverine stands atop a construction vehicle as he is surrounded by Japanese ninjas. He bites off the end of a cigar prior to slashing a gas tank with his claws to cause an explosion. His cigar stays lit and Wolverine is unharmed.

This movie focuses on a demon that was created by the Nazis but ended up saved by the allies. Hellboy is scene throughout the movie with his iconic cigar in his mouth as he defends good and not evil.

Independence Day
Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum partner up in this sci-fi action film. They are both in an alien mother ship at the end of the movie attempting to save the world. Will Smith hands Goldblum a cigar and says the iconic line, “This is our victory dance… Not until the fat lady sings.”

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Clint Eastwood smokes a cigar throughout this movie but the most well-known part is when he shares his cigar with a dying soldier. It is a sign of respect as Eastwood covers up the soldier with his coat.

Black Hawk Down
This is a war movie that came out in 2001 and featured a famous line said by Mr. Atto. As he is smoking a cigar a U.S. soldier picks him up to meet with the General. Mr. Atto offers up a cigar but General Garrison declines and says, “No, thanks. I got one.” Atto replies with, “Miami, my friend, is not Cuba.”

If you are a cigar enthusiast then you may have seen some of these films before. If you haven’t here are some movies to add to your must-watch list.