A Guide to Understanding the Risks Associated with Bird Scooters

Bird Scooters are becoming a popular, fun, cheap and convenient way to get around many urban areas especially college campuses and high traffic regions in the country. Even though they are becoming more recognizable by motorists and pedestrians, there are still quite a few risks that pose a threat to others and not just the rider. Nearly all of the hazards and dangers that the scooters represent on the general public could all be prevented if people followed the rules and respected their community more.
Many people have seen the scooters zip in and out of traffic too quickly. Motorists can agree that they may not see them and it is hard to figure out what the rider is doing rocketing swiftly throughout congestive traffic. Scooter riders have been seen not obeying traffic laws, which can create a risk for not only them but also other drivers.


Scooter riders have also been known to not only zip in and out of the bustling traffic of the city but going off and on walkways back to the street. They also use sidewalks and pedestrian areas, which can make it frustrating and could cause injury to pedestrians and themselves. It is illegal for scooters to be on or using pedestrian-only zones.
Some scooter riders have not been seen wearing helmets. Just as a motorcyclist wears a helmet for safety, a scooter rider has to wear one as well. Since the scooters are still relatively new, there are no statistics on accidents involving them, but there are reports of them popping up throughout the country.
There are some laws in individual states that pertain to scooters. They are supposed to wear helmets, not be on a pedestrian area, be 18 or older, hold a valid license and there must be no more than one rider per scooter. However, there seems to be a trend for blatantly ignoring and disregarding the rules and laws.
There is plenty of evidence going around the Internet that many scooters are left randomly strewn on sidewalks; quite many pictures have shown the evidence. Too many are clogging corners of the street, by having too many scooters in a precise location. Pedestrians, joggers and wheelchair users need to use the pathways. Prevention of injuries and mishaps are a priority by implementing more rules and regulations.
The concepts of Bird Scooters are still new to any sprawling city or small college campus. The idea and origin of them are as a futuristic way to help relieve traffic, carbon footprints and cheaper option for people needing to get from point A to point B. As time goes on, there will be more thoughts of improvement and necessary actions to keep people safer as more people use them.