A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Cigar Connoisseur

It’s beginning to look a lot like…gift buying season. As the holidays approach, perhaps you’ve got a cigar aficionado on your shopping list. If you aren’t a cigar smoker, the prospect of shopping for this person might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Fear not, there are plenty of choices for the stogie lover in your life, from the extravagant to the more budget-friendly. So, you’ll be able to score some points with the boss, your poker buddy or old Uncle Henry with just a little guidance. Now, without further ado, let’s go shopping.

The obvious place to start is with a nice box of cigars. If you know your subject’s favorite smoke and you have a healthy budget, your work is all but done. If you aren’t privy to that information, you can try to make a splash by gifting them a well-known, expensive brand. A list of fine, highly rated cigars is available at Cigar Aficionado. Of course, you run the risk of misfiring if you take that shot in the dark.

Rather than gambling on the unknown, a safer play is to go with some cigar paraphernalia. There are plenty to choose from and at a wide range of prices. Here’s a look at a few popular cigar “toys”:

1. A cigar cutter. This is a gadget that cuts the cap off of a cigar so it may be smoked. It’s a necessary trinket for any cigar smoker and a nice one can be had for a reasonable price.
2. A lighter. Not just any old disposable will do here. While there are different types suitable for firing up the rolled leaves, a torch lighter is a preferred style for most cigar smokers.
3. A travel humidor. A humidor (pronounced you-mi-dor) is necessary for the proper storage of cigars and if your recipient is any kind of cigar connoisseur, he or she already has one. But the travel variety may be something that they have not gotten around to purchasing.
4. An ashtray. They come in a wide variety, from the utilitarian to the ornate. Even if your cigar smoker already has one, chances are good that you can find one that will become their go-to ash depository.

The above is but a small list of possibilities. For further details and perhaps more ideas, check out Cigars and Leisure. Also, if the idea of visiting your local cigar shop is not something you’re looking forward to, all of these items and more are readily available via the online shopping route.

As you can see, shopping for a cigar lover is not a daunting task at all. There are gift ideas for every taste and every budget. With minimal effort, your gift is sure to be appreciated and you’ll be remembered every time the recipient lights up.