Beginner Fisherman: 4 Essential Equipment Items You Need

4 Essential Items for Beginning Freshwater Anglers
Spending a day out on the lake, soaking in the sun, and catching a few fish is a wonderful way to relax and have fun. If you’re planning your first fishing trip and you’re unsure where to start, here is the breakdown of the essential items to bring.

Before You Start
You will want to make sure that you purchase an appropriate fishing license for the state you are in. Many states, like Virginia, require specific licenses for specialty fish like trout. Buying a license helps your state maintain clean and stocked ponds so you have a place to fish.

Also consider what kind of fishing you want to do. Some like to keep what they catch for dinner later, but others prefer catch and release. Even if you plan on keeping the fish, be sure to research catch and release techniques to give the fish the best treatment after you land it.

The Rod and Reel
There are enough rods and reels to make your head spin. Keep it simple and go for a pier fishing rod. These rods tend to be inexpensive and usable on a boat as well as the pier. They are a good size for casting and don’t require a large amount of space to use. Purchase a rod with a reel attached for simplicity. Be sure to bring extra line as well.

The Tackle Box
An iconic item for any angler, the tackle box is a must have. Fill it with bobbers, swivels, line, hooks, fake baits, and anything else you can think of. Everyone has an opinion on what the best setup is, but each pond and lake is different. Experiment and see what works for you in your area.

Needle Nose Pliers
Yes, needle nose pliers. Why? Well, when you land a fish it can be difficult to get the hook out. You will want a pair of pliers to give you the reach and leverage so that you don’t hurt the fish too much.

First Aid Kit
When baiting your hook, or when someone isn’t looking before they cast accidents can happen. Be sure to bring a basic first aid kit to mend any wounds that might occur. Nothing ruins a fishing trip faster than not having disinfectant and bandages on hand.

Fishing is an exciting hobby and sport that will grow with your body of knowledge. There is so much more to learn about different styles of fishing, times to go fishing, and seasonal fish. Starting off simple will make the initial experience easy and fun, but don’t be afraid to experiment, and be sure to mimic that veteran angler on the pier. Good fishing!