Benefits of Using Glass Bottles for E-Liquid

You need a container for storing your e-liquids. This is especially true if you are making custom flavor blends at home. Your two main options are glass or plastic. The reality is that glass is a better choice. Here are the benefits of using glass bottles for e-liquids.

Maintain Freshness for a Longer Time

More than 3 percent of adults regularly use e-cigarettes today. Most of those people want the e-liquids to last for as long as possible. Glass bottles do a much better job of maintaining freshness than plastic. The reason is that the glass is non-porous with a very tight-fitting cap or lid. Plastic containers tend to allow small amounts of air in or let the e-liquid evaporate slowly over time.

Better Protection against Extreme Temperatures

Heat is a real enemy of e-liquids. Extreme cold or rapid temperature changes are as well. If e-liquids get too hot, then they can start to break down and behave oddly when used. If the e-liquid freezes, then it could separate into layers or change flavors completely. Glass bottles have thick side that can help to moderate the temperature inside to protect the e-liquid better than plastic.

No Problems with Flavor

E-cigarettes and e-liquids are a $7 billion dollar industry today. Part of this is because of the stunning array of e-liquid flavors you can purchase. Storing the liquid in a plastic container could lead to changes in the flavor. The flavorings might bind to the plastic. The plastic could leach odd flavors into the liquid. This simply does not happen when you use a glass bottle since the non-porous surface will not interact with e-liquid at all.


Glass bottles are actually more durable than plastic in a number of ways. Plastic containers have only one advantage. That is not shattering when hitting the ground hard. Glass bottles are far more difficult to damage. They generally cannot be punctured by something sharp, torn open or melted with small amounts of heat. Glass bottles also will not develop holes over time just from handling or being squeezed repeatedly like plastic.

Glass Bottles Look Attractive

Most people who use e-cigarettes have several different e-liquid flavors in the home. You want your collection to look respectable and not like a science experiment. A benefit of using glass bottles is that they are attractive. Glass bottles have a certain timeless elegance that will go well with any decor.

Reusable for a Very Long Time

Plastic bottles are intended to be cheap and functional. They are not designed to last forever. Glass bottles are different. Glass bottles can be reused over and over again for a very long time. If you take care of a glass bottle, then it could last for decades without losing any of the original properties. This makes investing in glass bottles for your e-liquids a sound idea.