Five Tips For Ordering Cigars As A Gift

Finding the right gift for someone is not always easy. Cigars are a good option for people who enjoy the finer things in life. The gift of cigars will not soon be forgotten if you choose carefully. Here are five tips for ordering cigars as a gift.

Get a Diverse Selection

The first tip is to get a diverse selection. You really do not want to order an entire box of cigars for someone unless you are absolutely positive that the brand and type are precisely what the person will enjoy. A far better option is to look at the sampler packs many cigar makers offer. A sampler pack will include many cigars of varying flavors or varieties. This allows the person to experiment and see exactly what cigars are the most enjoyable. Sampler packs also provide excitement as a gift because there is such a variety available.

Look For Something Special or Unique

You want the cigars you give someone as a gift to be memorable and distinctive. This is why you need to look for something special or unique. With over 278 million premium cigars imported every year, this should not be difficult. Avoid getting bland and generic cigars. They will quickly be forgotten or not appreciated at all. Look for signature collections, imported cigars and tobaccos that have been processed in an interesting way.

Think about What the Gift Recipient Likes To Eat and Drink

Take a moment to think about what the gift recipient really likes to eat and drink. You want to do this because certain cigars pair well with foods and drinks. If you choose cigars that match the culinary tastes of someone, then you will be giving a gift that can be truly appreciated. Finding the right ones can be difficult since over 13 billion cigars are sold annually. The selection is dizzying. A little research, however, will reveal some qualities to look for based on the tastes of the gift recipient.

Consider Sending Accessories As Well

Consider sending the gift recipient some elegant cigar accessories as well. Cigars are far more enjoyable when you have the right accessories on hand. Some ideas are a cigar cutter, a cigar lighter and a cigar ashtray with a special holder. You might also want to send a humidor so that the cigars can be preserved properly.

Ship Directly To the Recipient

A final tip is to have the cigars shipped directly to the gift recipient. Do not send them to yourself since many things could go wrong compromising the quality of the cigars. Most companies that ship cigars as gifts will include instructions for storage and enjoying them. It is best just to have them sent to the gift recipient even if they might arrive a little early.