Four Ways to Save Money On Wireless Refills

Using wireless refills instead of signing up for a multi year contract has many advantages when dealing with your cell phone. You can take steps to spend less on your refills throughout the year. You have to be vigilant and do a little research. Here are four ways to save money on wireless refills.

Learn When the Sales Start and Wait For Them

The first step is to learn when the sales start and to wait for them to occur before buying your refill. Anyone selling refills is likely going to have some type of sale at some point. The refill could cost less than what you are used to paying. This means that you will be paying less per minute than normal. If you find the pattern of sales or wait for them to occur, then you will be dramatically reducing the cost of your calls every year. It can sometimes help to be friendly with the manager of a store or a customer service representative. Those individuals will sometimes let you know when the next sale is planned if you are polite and ask.

Buy In Bulk

The reality is that the companies providing the wireless refills want you to spend as much as possible. This means that you often get a good deal overall if you spend a little more for the refill upfront. Try to buy your refills in bulk. This is always a helpful considering the average person uses 709 minutes each month on a cell phone. Buy the most that you can afford. This will usually mean you are going to pay less for each minute even if the total cost is higher. Just do not buy more minutes than you can use if the refill has a time limit and will expire.

Look For Sellers with Loyalty or Rewards Programs

Choose the location where you buy the refills from carefully. You really want to look for sellers offering loyalty or rewards programs. These programs will allow you to accumulate points or discounts with each purchase that you make. You can then usually exchange those points for a free wireless refill or big discount later. This is a way to gradually save money over the course of several months or a year.

Check Around for Coupons Every Time

With 327 million cell phones in the country today, businesses are doing everything possible to get the attention of those consumers. This includes offering coupons that you can use during checkout when buying a wireless refill. Look around for coupons before you buy a refill. Look in store advertising or flyers. Check the site of the company handling the refill. You can sometimes find amazing hidden coupons that are not widely advertised in these spots. You might even be able to stack coupons with other discounts or in-store sales.