How much are Walmart’s Check Cashing Fees?

Walmart offers a heap of convenient services including check cashing services. A consumer may wonder if cashing his or her check at the local Walmart is a smart idea. The following is a little bit of information about Walmart check cashing services, including fee details:
The Benefits of Cashing a Check at Walmart
The main benefit of going to Walmart to have a check cashed is that a check can be cashed immediately. When one takes a check to a regular bank, the bank sometimes will hold it for a certain amount of time. Some consumers may not be able to wait for the funds because of an impending bill. Customers also have the option to pay bills from Walmart after they cash their checks. They can also load their checks onto a prepaid debit card if they wish to do that.

Types of Checks That Walmart Cashes
Walmart stores cash a variety of checks because they understand that consumers get them from a variety of sources. Customers can bring their payroll checks, government checks, Walmart-issued MoneyGram money orders, insurance checks, retirement checks and so on. Walmart will cash checks up to $5,000.

Check Cashing Fees
The check cashing fees that Walmart attaches to it services are some of the lowest, and easy to understand fees. Other check cashing places may go by percentages, which can get confusing as well as expensive.

Walmart Check Cashing Fees:

  • For a check less than $1,000 = a $3 flat fee
  • For a check more than $1,000 = a $6 flat fee

Visitors can have their checks cashed by bringing the check and some identification such as a driver’s license or passport to the Store. The cashier will use that to conduct the transaction. The customer can handle the funds any way that he or she likes. The person can have them placed in their hands, put on a debit card, sent to another person or applied to a bill.
Who Is Walmart Check Cashing a Good Deal For?
If a consumer wants to have a check cashed right away, then Walmart may be the right place for that person to go to get it cashed. It’s a good deal for anyone who doesn’t have a bank account, or if their bank insists on holding the funds for a little while. Walmart is a great choice as well compared to other places that will cash checks, as the fees are low and at flat rate. If you are interested in the Walmart check cashing services, you may inquire by calling 479-204-2125.