How To Find a Good CDL Driver for Your Company

Efficient truck drivers are hard to get, but the commercial motor vehicles still need to be driven for continuous operations in commercial trucking companies. The demand for the truck driver has been exceeding the supply for many years. This fact creates a responsibility for human resource managers to do their best to retain the drivers they already have to avoid losing them to competitors.

  1. Improve The Recruitment Process
    One way of hiring a truck driver is by partnering with a professional driving institution, but an employer can also advertise a job vacancy like any other position and wait for applicants. While all this could be effective, the main focus should be on ensuring that the company gets a driver with experience and relevant skills to drive heavy trucks. In this case, partnering with a driving school could give better results than carrying out the recruitment on your own as an employer. There is a high possibility of getting high standard drivers especially because the school knows what to look for during the hiring process.

    2. Provide A Conducive Working Environment
    People tend to work better and consistently when satisfied with their work. This satisfaction can be achieved easily by trusting, respecting and appreciating the drivers for the work they do. They will be motivated to do better at work, and you will retain them for a long time, which is a dream of every employer. You will have to create and build a company culture that encourages communication and cooperation throughout the company.

    3. Development And Training Programs
    Once truck drivers are hired, most companies usually get to relax and fail to provide further training for them. What they do not know is that professional growth is very important in every profession. For instance, the CDL drivers should be refreshed on road safety policies and standards, goals and objectives of the company and at the same time upgrade their skills. This can be done through truck safety seminars and other road safety training programs. Professional development helps to reduce the risk of accidents, improve maintenance of vehicles, and enhance drivers’ efficiency. These improvements will boost drivers’ confidence at work and improve transportation services in the company.

    4. Provide Better Benefits
    People like being fairly appreciated and compensated for a job well done. Recognizing and appreciating truck drivers when they do their work well will motivate them to continue doing their job and even do it better. However, patting their shoulders for a good job is not always enough; a good compensation, however, makes the appreciation complete. Always offer your drivers a competitive package including incentives such as salary raise, insurance and bonus when necessary.

    Hiring can be a tedious and overwhelming process, but it can be more discouraging if repeated over and over. To avoid frequent drivers’ turnovers, follow the tips above and you will always get the best from your CDL drivers.