How to Get Back on Your Feet after Knee Surgery

When you have any type of surgery on your knee, it will take several weeks or months to recover. Fortunately, your surgeon can provide some advice concerning your recovery process so that you won’t damage the knee again.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 1: Take Your Medications

Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers to you after surgery, but you will only have enough to last for a few days. In addition, you might receive muscle relaxants to prevent cramping in your knee. You can buy over-the-counter pain relievers and muscle relaxants to use while you are using other recovery techniques.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 2: Use Walking Canes or a Walker Device

If you are having problems with balancing and muscle strength, then your physician may recommend a walker device or walking canes. These assistive items are appropriate for use during your recovery so that you can remain mobile at home. You should try to walk as much as your surgeon suggests to ensure that your knee becomes stronger. Eventually, you won’t need to use any assistive devices.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 3: Place Ice Packs On Your Knee

Keep ice packs in your home’s refrigerator so that you can use the items on your knee when you have any discomfort. By using ice packs, you can avoid a dependence on muscle relaxants and painkillers. It is appropriate to use an ice pack several times a day for 15 minutes to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 4: Receive Physical Therapy

After surgery on your knee, your surgeon will recommend physical therapy. You will have several sessions with a physical therapist, and he may tell you to perform specialized exercises at home to increase the flexibility in the knee’s joint.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 5: Wear a Brace On Your Knee

Depending on the type of surgery that you have undergone on your knee, you may need to wear a brace. Some braces are simple elastic items that will support your knee’s joint while other braces are made from plastic or metal. Make sure to wear your brace as long as your physician tells you to so that you don’t damage your knee again.

Get Back On Your Feet Tip 6: Use Heat Therapy On Your Knee

You might prefer using heat therapy on your tender knee after surgery, and you can use an electric heating pad or heat packs that you place in the microwave. If you can use a shower or a bathtub, then the hot water is also beneficial for your knee, but you must talk to your surgeon first about how to protect your incisions.