How to Improve Your Recycling Efforts

If you have been recycling metal, glass or paper for many years, then you might not know that there are new ways to reuse and recycle items to protect the earth’s environment from dangerous pollution. While many people are recycling to protect the soil, air and water from chemicals, there is still more that can be done to protect the earth.

Here are a few ways to improve your recycling efforts:

One: Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

When you buy a lot of stuff, you become a consumer who creates more trash. If you want to avoid creating more trash, then choose a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalists learn to live with the basic necessities and find ways to avoid buying or owning things. Instead of shopping for DVDs and CDs, you can download movies and music to a computer to avoid making more trash with shopping bags, plastic holders and cellophane wrappers. A minimalist tries to shop and accumulate as little as possible, making it easier to protect the environment.

Two: Give Up Paper as Much as Possible

If you want to protect the earth, then stop using tons of paper. You can avoid using paper by subscribing to online magazines and newspapers. Visit a library to borrow books and other reading materials or invest in an e-reader to download books from publishers or a public library. When you use notebook paper at home, make sure to use the entire sheet or cut it into small sections to use for shopping lists or taking telephone messages. Stop buying paper plates and cups for parties or picnics, and use inexpensive and reusable plastic items instead.

Three: Use a Battery Charger

To avoid adding more disposable batteries to the environment, use a battery charger and rechargeable batteries. When you think about the number of batteries that you throw away each year, it is no wonder that dangerous chemicals are leaching into the soil and water. You probably have traditional batteries in the remote controls that you use for a television, DVD device and CD player, but you can switch to rechargeable ones to protect the earth’s environment.

Four: Teach a Class in Recycling

When you are passionate about recycling, share what you know with others by offering free classes at local churches, libraries or schools. Many people in your neighborhood want to recycle but don’t know how to get started. You can teach children and adults how to protect the environment by having a recycling station in their home to sort paper, plastic and metal. In addition, the businesses in your area may not know how important recycling is to reuse empty toner cartridges and obsolete computers, printers and fax machines.