How to Increase Workplace Diversity

Promoting workplace diversity is significantly beneficial to a business or company. For many businesses, establishing such workplace diversity can be a daunting challenge. The process of establishing a suitable diversity mix within your business is quite simple, but requires proper planning and strategizing. Here are some of the steps that can be undertaken to increase workplace diversity.

Develop a strategy

Every business undertaking requires a strategy to guide its operations. When setting up a strategy for establishing diversity in the workplace, the primary step to begin with is to determine the type or nature of diversity that the business wants to achieve. This involves conducting numerous evaluations such as the current workforce that the company has and the composition of the society around which the business is located. Part of the strategy should also outline additional measures such as the level of diversity that ought to be implemented. For example, you should outline the number of White, African, Hispanic, and Asian workers that you intend to hire.


  • Provide organizational training on diversity

Most workers do not appreciate the importance of diversity. Even if a company has elements of diversity, the workers also ought to be trained on the importance of maintenance of such diversity. Training them ensures that they understand the importance of working with a diverse workforce. Also, trained workers seek to benefit optimally from working with their colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Enforce diversity during hiring

The recruitment process is one of the major avenues where a company can enforce diversity in the workplace. It is important to ensure that the human resource department, when hiring, emphasizes and focuses on hiring applicants with the aim of maintaining diversity. The hiring criteria should not just seek to hire applicants based on their professional competence. An all-inclusive hiring criteria helps brand the company in the market as an equal-opportunity employer for all persons, therefore encouraging all persons to apply for positions

Ask for referrals

There is nothing wrong with asking workers to make suggestions of persons they think would add value to the rest of the workers. Such opportunities give the employees a chance to contribute towards the growth of diversity in the organization. The employees understand their fellow workers well as they may have met them in various platforms. The recommendations provided upon the management are vital as they guarantee that the recommended workers would work competently well with the existing workers.

Accommodate flexibility in organizational practices

Diversity in the workplace brings together different persons with different values. This implies that such persons would tend to exhibit different values and practices. It is essential for the company to provide an opportunity for workers to practice their values as long as they don’t contravene the organizational values. For instance, some cultures uphold certain dress codes such as long robes. It is essential to increase the diversity profile of your company by allowing them to work in their attire of preference.