How to Pick the Best Tree for Your Yard

Trees can do a lot to make a yard more comfortable. They provide shade and shelter from the wind, and some can even give a steady supply of healthy food. There are a lot of different types, and it is important to choose carefully because they need a lot of time to grow.

Match Your Climate

The best way to narrow down your options is to think about your climate. All of the world’s trees have adapted to live in a specific type of environment, and your tree will only thrive if you pick one that has adapted to live in your area. Most people can figure out if a tree will live in their yard by checking their hardiness zone and comparing it to the range in which the species can survive. If your zone is within the tree’s range, it will probably do fairly well.

Consider Productivity

It is also important to decide if you want a tree that will provide you with food or not. There are both fruit and nut trees that can survive in most climates, and even a single one can provide a lot of food during the right season. A couple of fruit trees can even be a good part of a strategy to significantly reduce food bills without requiring a huge amount of effort to maintain.

In general, you will want to pick the type of productive tree based on the foods that you like to eat. After all, most people won’t bother picking fruit if they dislike it. If you live with other people, be sure to take their preferences into account so you can get something that will satisfy everyone.

Think About Space

Trees take up a lot of space in a yard. You need to make sure that the trunk and canopy can expand without running into anything important, but you also need to think about things below the ground. The roots will often spread out significantly, which can get int he way of other things if they happen to poke above the ground.

Measure your space before looking for trees. Once you have a list of promising candidates, take a moment to look up the amount of space that each one needs to be healthy. If you want a specific species but don’t have enough space for it, look into getting a dwarf or columnar tree because they will usually take less space.

Plan, Then Plant

Trees can be great additions to a yard, but it is a long-term choice because they can take a long time to grow. Be sure to carefully think about all of these factors to make sure you pick the right one!